• Drone Services in Aylesbury

    Taking your view to new Heights


    We offer a bespoke videography, drone and measuring service in London and the northern home counties to accelerate marketing and power informed business decisions..

  • Unleashing the Power of Drone Technology


    Utilising our best-in-class drones, we specialise in conducting aerial inspections and surveys with utmost safety and efficiency. Joining forces with Laura McG Photography, we offer full professional photography, videography and drone services together with measured building surveys to provide a precise assessment of your assets.





    Drone Photography - Aylesbury

    Empowering You with Affordable Access


    With a focus on cost-effectiveness, our drone aerial inspections provide unparalleled access to even the most inaccessible and hazardous areas. Following our thorough examination, we deliver concise and insightful reports tailored to empower informed business decisions.

    Drone Photography Services in Buckinghamshire

    A Different Perspective


    Experience the power of elevating your brand’s visibility and perspective like never before. Transform your marketing strategy with our cutting-edge drone technology, designed to showcase your business from new heights.


    Drone Surveys - Buckinghamanshire and surrounding counties

    Measured Building Surveys


    From taking height measurements to using a more sophisticated 3D laser scanner to gather precise data points of a building or structure.


    Our techniques capture data that can be used to produce extremely accurate measurements, including distances, areas, volumes, and slopes. Additionally, 2D outlines can be extracted from the collected point cloud. The point cloud data can be transformed into 3D models for further analysis, design work, or virtual walkthroughs. This data is also valuable for creating Building Information Models (BIM), as it can be directly used to generate these models.


    Measured building surveys are beneficial for documenting current conditions, tracking construction progress, creating detailed as-built 3D models, recording structural features, generating floor plans, supporting BIM workflows and developing digital twins for space planning, asset management, and maintenance.

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  • Why Choose Us



    Precision and Insight: With our combined knowledge and skills, we deliver unparalleled precision and insight into your most valuable assets.


    Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand the value of efficiency. That's why our drone, photography and videography services are tailored to provide maximum impact at minimal cost.


    Aerial Excellence: Gain a bird's-eye view of your business like never before! Our drone services offer stunning aerial perspectives that showcase your property in its best light.


    Visual Brilliance: From breathtaking photographs to captivating videos, we can bring your marketing vision to life with creativity and finesse. 



  • McG Drone Services Reviews
  • I am pleased to fully endorse McG Drone Services as extremely professional and technically very competent when undertaking drone inspections of an industrial high bay warehouse, required to supplement a building condition survey for potential purchasers.


    Lee McGovern was extremely informative of options available and highly skilled in carrying out the flight survey and issuing quality video and photography digital content within 24 hours of inspection.


    Also the drone costs are competitive and I will be recommending to clients where I can when undertaking building related surveys.


    - John N -

  • CAA Operational Identification



    Fully Insured

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